Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

My negligible existence in this universe continues to mesmerise me. The journey until now does have a nice rhythm to it. Starting from things that worked in my favour and things that did not. Nevertheless what mattered the most were those experiences. Some of it became part of me and some just changed my life forever. I sometimes wonder if my life here is driven by a godly design. My circumstances, my situations, my experiences, must be running according to a pre-programmed brilliance. And that is just one side of the story, what I am more curious about is the happenings in my parallel universe, where I would have made different decisions at key junctures. Maybe an interesting thought or action in that space took the shape of a distinctive career. Infact, the special one would have told “no” to me. Or, the one-sided love in college would have worked there. My imagination must be absurd and far-off from the actual reality, but I would want to ponder it further to sprinkle life into one of my first creations.

I would want to keep certain things constant to understand my parallel existences. Time is uniform for all my entities in the parallel universes. At any point of time, we would all share the same age. We will also die at the same time. This is purely on the belief that death is indeed the ultimate truth. But what happens in the middle is purely based on one’s decision and actions. Now, my existence in all these universes would also mean my ancestors had made those favourable decisions during their lifetime so that I am born in the respective parallel universes. And where they haven’t, I wouldn’t even exist, and that could probably affect my future generation. So, I would either have parallel lives in a million universes or I might have just two or three. Existence in just one universe wouldn’t be rare either. Never mind just imagining the permutation-combination of my own life in this lifetime can generate a complex infinite algorithm that goes beyond what I can ever comprehend.

But when I see the way my existence has turned out here, it feels good. I live a simple life with less complications. I am with my special one, right beside me, I was lucky enough to get that precious “yes” from her. Right now it’s just her. Here I also have a job that is different from what I aspired for. Did dream of becoming a pilot or an IPS officer; nevertheless, I am a writer. My parallel entities, did any one of you make it? I wonder what other professions I would have pursued.

Wish, I could connect with my parallel identities. Maybe there is a possibility. End, presumably death would have an answer. If I die at a certain time, all the parallel entities will indeed die at the same time we would meet at a place and for now the meeting place stays indescribable. Right now I want to confine it to a giant lecture hall where we have a speaker and listeners, all look alike. Just like me. And each one of us would take turns to talk about our journey. And at the end of it, we would be enlightened with those million combinations. If I am lucky enough, I would be exposed to the other godly designs. Or, I would just meet a handful of my parallel existences and still would be awestruck by the other life journey of mine. But none of us would know what happens at the end of the lecture. Someone might visit us. The unknown someone


There is no end to this one. But for now, I will just leave it here…

got to "Live" before I leave, got to “Write” before the twilight!