KaRmasutra — An adult movie

Finally, we met her in one of the beaches in Goa. We — me and my little sister. We were together until the fateful night of December 2018, and then we were left alone to believe the curse that stuck to us with our birth. Maybe it was our destiny or this is how it works — we were sold to people seeking pleasure in mere convenience.

That night at about 10 PM a woman in her 30s picked us from a popular mall in Mumbai. She appeared to be a rich educated brat with an extravagant lifestyle. We were entering a different world starting from the cosy backseat of a black Mercedes. The car seemed to house high-addiction activities with cigarette butts and beer cans all over. She looked dominant and beautiful with her piercing that took away all the light in the world. The air laced in her strong perfume had its imprint on every puff circulating in the enclosed luxury. She owned us and sitting beside her only tickled the weirdest vibes with every passing second. What disturbed me the most was her dry lips, they were moistened often as if to evade an inner urge. Her peach coloured dress that partly cladded on her elbow brushed me occasionally. I would look for ways to move towards my sister every time the car seemed to be in a mad rush.

This was my first time. Five minutes into the ride, she started touching me inappropriately, she had hardly moved, but I could already feel her around my toned abdomen. I was clueless, but I guess it was bound to happen, we can show no emotions, no discomfort. She wasn’t someone who would wait and she turned on to me in a jiffy. Her lips accentuated her deeper desires. It was the beginning of an intense oral experience and she was on it until her lip gloss completely faded in intensity. My sister stayed far away from what was happening to me or she was rather frozen with what would happen to her. Seemed like the woman quenched a deeper craving, maybe a thing of her daily lifestyle. The action prolonged, but something did not feel right about the moment. The night seemed long and I was suddenly staring at my final moments. An abrupt end, maybe I would just disappear, never to be found again. My intuition was right, all I could remember was my landing and the impact. Yes, I was thrown off the speeding car. Rolling down the steeper side of the road, I crackled myself in agony. Is that all to my existence? I knew this lingering thought would haunt me forever, but something told me to hang in there.

Though nasty, I guess it was the way I was built, thanks to the creator, I survived the fall. With trees and bushes all around, I was in a secluded space. And my little sister, I wasn’t sure if I would see her again.

Time passed by, I ended up living there for the next 38 years. The feeling of worthlessness never left me. Just when I felt I was losing myself bit-by-bit, the life around surprised me with an incredible adventure. One morning, all I see is sea. For the past two years, I am here, sometimes swimming with the waves and at times relaxing on the beach. But, fate does have a way to set up a date with your past.

One evening when the high tides took me for a ride, I met her, the little girl, my sister. She was a changed person. It was tough to recognize her, she was in pieces, maybe she lost more than I did. She told me how the woman would caress her and then wash her off like some trash that lead to the gutter with obnoxious odours. Yes, she did not forget the woman, neither did I. She told me the woman now lives in a nearby bungalow. She is now old and fragile, yet taking care of more than 100 underprivileged kids as her own. For sure, she is a changed person, just like we are. There was no need for a plan or a conspiracy, revenge is indeed the instinctive climax of this story.

All these years, the living felt worthless, we were losing ourselves from deep within and outside. And that exactly is our superpower. All we had to do was age, be it sea, be it land. Ageing brews the finest poison and injects it for a long time. Slow death. Yes, we are becoming a poison. We are poisoning the marine life. We are poisoning the salt. We are violating the land. Slow and steady, we will be in the food they eat, we will be in her, we will be in those kids, we will be in anything that shows signs of life. We have the potential to persistently kill them from the inside. The more we wait more destruction we can cause. Not just the unborn generation, we will choke this planet and wipe off the last hint of life forever.

This strong faith in our existence is a ramification of your denial and the indiscriminate usage. Thanks for creating us, using us, and giving us this long-lasting life unlike yours, which we would cut short anyways. Good luck.

PS. I just realized I can live upto 450 years and my sister, a good 10000 years.

*****************The End… of Life*****************


The brother sister duo — Plastic bottle and the Face Cleanser (microbeads)

Woman and the kids- The entire human race, present and future

Supporting roles:

Plastic straws, Polythene bags


Just us, our actions, our karma


PLASTIC all over

“The world produces around 450 million tonnes of plastic every year; 40 percent of which is disposed of after single use.” — United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


“18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year, not counting nanoparticles and microbeads”


The story is a work of fiction and might have no connection with people living in denial, but its devastating effects are real. The objectification and personification in the story is fictional and intentionally done to put the point across on indiscriminate use of plastic.





got to "Live" before I leave, got to “Write” before the twilight!