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  • Diane Callahan

    Diane Callahan

    Fiction writer and editor, a.k.a. YouTuber Quotidian Writer. www.quotidianwriter.com

  • Writer’s Relief

    Writer’s Relief

    Author’s Submission Service Est. 1994. We help authors reach their publishing goals with targeted submissions to literary agents and editors.

  • kurt gasbarra

    kurt gasbarra

    Us Poets... sad but Hoping Delicious delusions of Humanity’s Ultimate goal... of serving Others in need more than Meself. But I digress here Music 🎶 is

  • Pradeep Kaushik

    Pradeep Kaushik

    Storyteller | Technologist | Personal Finance Enthusiast.

  • Kasinatha Rao

    Kasinatha Rao

    Senior Designer at Atlassian. I write about design and the role of a designer in the tech industry.



  • PunitaWrites


    Punita shares her musings about midlife, her immigrant family, and life at the intersection of disability and diversity. She loves history, words, and culture.

  • Andrea Drugay

    Andrea Drugay

    Writer, editor, artist ✨ Group Manager, Copy @ Slack 💛 Still in SF 💖 Words and sometimes not-words 🖤

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