I had imagined life as an exuberant ship with a special beacon of love mounted on its steering wheel. The love that would forever emit happiness. But, all I am left with is broken glasses from a crazy-late-night-farewell party. People left the deck, but the glasses were still around. The longer I stay, longer I will sway and walk over a few to tear my skin. The skin that tries its best to hide the pain and sadness. The blood that sneaks out as if to retrace the overwhelming emotions carved in my heart. I am the last one around, the last one to hold on to the “beginning” that was left alone to die in the clutches of time. Never mind, the heart has to beat for awhile, and it is ready to race on. I dive into the ocean, swimming through the depths of my loneliness and finally rising up to another deck. I see the beacon of love — new people, new memories, and I end up in the same path of delightful beginnings and inevitable endings. I will never understand what I have already understood. The pain is unbearable, but love is irresistible. I will continue to make friends, I will float in pain, I will surf in love, I will deep-dive in happiness, I will hold my breath to surprises, and I will let go every single time.

got to "Live" before I leave, got to “Write” before the twilight!